Focused on the creative economy, CreateNXT programming brings together African creatives and industry players to discuss emerging trends and opportunities, while also exploring ways to work in concert to ensure the creative economy is a key driver of economic development across Africa.

Stakeholders in Africa’s travel, tourism and hospitality sector come together, joined by content creators and travel enthusiasts to discuss the future of travel. Programming seeks to explore new approaches to grow Africa’s domestic and international travel and tourism industry.

Public and private sector representatives, civil society organizations and technology leaders gather to share experiences, challenges and advances on the use of technology for good governance. Programming also explores how policies, laws and regulations can act as enablers that spur sustainable economic development, while also addressing inequities and insecurity across the continent.  

#LaunchedInAfrica is a platform for African-led early-stage startups to showcase products and services that are disrupting industries across the continent. Weeklong programming includes masterclasses and mentorship sessions, culminating in a pitch day with African investors.

Brings together media companies, broadcasters, journalists, and content creators to discuss trends and share best practices. Discussions also explore what’s next on the continent’s media landscape, and take a deep dive into topics impacting the industry (i.e. freedom of speech, social platforms, etc).

Gathers industry stakeholders to discuss the intersection of music and technology, strategize around further enabling the local ecosystem, and provide key insights and learnings to emerging talent. Conversations also focus on the growth and impact of African music on the global stage.

Focuses on new ideas and innovations that are disrupting industries across Africa. NXT://TECH provides a lens into important trends and what’s next on Africa’s tech horizon.

Gathers fintech founders, financial institutions, economists and other stakeholders to discuss how we leverage technology to achieve financial inclusion for all and ensure a prosperous Africa for generations to come. Discussions also explore innovation more broadly and its capacity to democratize financing across sectors.

Features female founders and key executives from some of Africa’s most innovative brands and women-led tech startups. Programming is curated to address the challenges and opportunities for African women in business, enable knowledge sharing, and facilitate purpose driven networking.  

Gathers stakeholders to connect and collaborate around solving the continent’s most pressing climate challenges. Discussions also focus on opportunities and pathways to accelerate the growth of green industries and create jobs.

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