Re-imagining Our Now.
Co-Creating Our Next.

A Virtual Gathering for Dreamers, Doers, Futurists, & Changemakers Passionate About Moving Africa Forward

November 17 – 19, 2020


These are indeed unprecedented times. We are experiencing a global pandemic at the same time economies around the world are shrinking. Climate change is accelerating as social inequalities go unaddressed. The convergence of these crisis have exacerbated the conditions within our countries that have historically threatened our prosperity as Africans. Yet, this moment has also presented us with an opportunity. As individuals, companies and governments, we need to take ownership of our current circumstances and unite around a shared commitment to move our communities, industries, institutions and the continent forward.

A Call To Action…

We are being called to task as Africans to dream big, strategically plan for our future, and do the necessary work to bring about transformational change. We must collectively reimagine what healthier, economically viable, environmentally sustainable, and equitable African cities can look like.


A virtual gathering that will bring together Academics, Technologists, Business Executives, Founders, Policy Makers, Entrepreneurs, Artists and the general public. Through conversations, digital exhibitions and immersive programming NXT.NOW seeks to create a space that fosters knowledge sharing, collaboration and solutions orientated discussions on how we co-create a prosperous future for all Africans.

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QUESTIONS: info@africanxt.com

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