Broadcasting live from AfricaNXT, notable podcasters and online radios hosts take centerstage with a variety of cultural luminaries as their guests.

EATS.AFRICA highlights and celebrates African innovators hyper-focused on the foods we eat. Farmers, chefs, restaurateurs, agritech startups and foodies meet to reimagine the journey from farm to table, explore how best to build a sustainable ecosystem and ensure everyone along the food supply chain prospers.

A pop up literary experience that’s part library, part workshop space and speakeasy. Attendees are able to partake in author led book readings, writing workshops or just hangout in between conference sessions and read a book.

NXTFilms brings together industry stakeholders to discuss the future of film across the continent. This programming is coupled with creators showcasing bodies of work that are pushing the boundaries of what that future will be.

NXT.ART is where art and technology converge. The fair provides a look at the present art landscape in Africa, explores techs impact on the next iteration of African art, while also creating a platform for emerging talent.

NXT MKT housed at the AfricaNXT Annex features a curated offering of innovative designers, artists, food entrepreneurs and creatives. From local boutiques to bespoke shoe designers to artisanal snacks, NXT MKT delivers a one-of-a-kind marketplace experience.

An immersive experience meant to empower and encourage conference attendees to disconnect, be mindful and 100% present with no digital distractions. Wellness Practitioners provides attendees with tools and approaches to address professional and environmental stressors. Programming features yoga, meditation, movement, and mindfulness workshops.

‘A Great Day in Gidi’ is a gathering of Lagos most innovative minds in the tech, media & creative space. From Industry Stakeholders to Digital Activists to Award-winning artists, ‘A Great Day In Gidi’ is a snapshot, of the individuals who collectively are re-defining Lagos and Africa in general. It’s a celebration … and some say “the most epic day party EVER!”

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